Upcoming Wedding Trends of 2016 – Suspended Floral Features


Although our company mantra is ‘every couple is unique, and so is their wedding day’. As wedding decorators and stylists, we can still predict what the dominating trends of 2014 will be. This year our top trending style is: Suspended Floral Features and Installations.

The above hanging floral centerpiece design was constructed by the Harbourside Team at Cala Luna Function Centre (Middle Harbour Yacht Club- Sydney). The clients request was to have a hanging floral arrangement above the entire wedding table (over 8m long). Due to the room restraints, the hanging floral arrangement had to be constructed freestanding, and safely withstand a total weight of over 50kgs. However the end result- had guests marveling at the floating appearance of a wedding centerpiece!

Hanging or suspended floral structures create a spectacular feature for the entire room, along with the added benefit of not imposing on your guests’ table space or vision.

We have seen brides of 2014 embrace both nature and romance in their wedding visions, asking for plenty of greenery for texture, along with creative whimsical floral for that romantic wedding atmosphere.

The above design was completed by our Team at The Deckhouse in Woolwich, Sydney. The bride wanted a Soft indoor Garden Party theme, and we thought these hanging floral features would create just that!

Floral Chandeliers have also been a popular request so far. It’s also a great chance for brides to go beyond the ordinary, and work with their venue to create a complete look for their ceremony or reception.

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