Table settings for wedding receptions are always a sight to behold, and the value that a great table setting can add to your special day should never be underestimated. Table settings take up much of the floor space, and when done well they can enhance the overall look and ambience of your event. To help you create a stunning table setting for your wedding reception, Harbourside Decorators have prepared a brief blog post with 4 top considerations when creating a tablescape.

You’ll find everything you need right here on our website; with a wide range of tables, cutlery, furnishings, linen, chairs & cushions, centrepieces and more to take your styling dreams to the next level.

  1. Theme and Styling

When planning your wedding, you’ll firstly need to decide on an overall theme. Are you after a more formal style? Classic white wedding? Beachside style? The options are endless. Social media is a great way to keep track of the latest styles and find some inspiration, with many customers choosing to create a Pinterest board to save their favourite themes.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll then need to start thinking about the products you would like to hire. It’s important that each element complements the other to retain a cohesive theme. This means paying close attention to colours, fabrics and styles. If you’re going for a relaxed vibe this might mean choosing soft and crisp linen rather than bold and bright, shiny tablecloths. These elements can then be complemented by other decorations in similar or complimentary colours to create a memorable and truly special event setting.

  1. Functionality and Table Sizing

It’s now time to consider your event menu, as this will dictate the type and size of table you need. Feasting style menus are a popular option these days, and if you choose to go for something like this then you’ll need large dining tables to accommodate the platters along with your other centre pieces and décor.

If opting for a formal menu, you may require extra cutlery. You may also choose to use smaller tables a more intimate dining experience. The key thing here is not to overload your tables with floral arrangements and candles, instead look to create small clusters of decorative elements which will not overwhelm. You might like to consider the use of hanging lights and floral installations which will free up space and give your event theme a balanced look.

Try to ensure that your centrepieces are appropriately sized so as not to impede your guests from conversing with other guests around the table.

  1. Get Creative

A plain and unadorned table setting might look intimidating, but don’t be scared to let your imagination run wild. Browse through our extensive range of centrepieces, cutlery, linens, chairs and cushions, candle holders and more and pick out your favourite pieces. You don’t want elements to clash, but you can build up a unique and attractive table setting with great depth and detail with a little bit of thought. Without layering, your table may look a little bit bland and uninspired. We recommend playing around with textures, shapes and colours/tones to build visual appeal.

Sometimes people prefer a table without any linen or tablecloth, but you can add some appeal with nice place mats and napkins along with floral arrangements. Explore our range of centrepieces and table décor to create the dining table of your dreams which is sure to be remembered long after the day is done, and you’re bound to get some great photos too.

  1. Signage

Having clear signage will assist guests in finding their table and seat. You might like to place a charger plate on the table, along with menu cards or name cards on top. Choose chargers which will compliment your colour scheme. You could also place signage at a key point in the room, we have many options available on our signage product page.


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