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Carefully placed lighting can lift the ambience of your special event and be a design feature in and of itself. At Harbourside Decorators we bring you a wide range of lighting options that will brighten up the room and make your event one to remember.

Using the latest LED technologies, our lighting range is energy efficient and durable. We offer fairy lights, fancy light bulbs, bell lamps, festoon lighting, up lights (par cans) and wall wash up lights to cover all needs and purposes.

Fairy lights are available in lengths of 10m, 25m and 50m and are offered in warm white for a comfortable, homely vibe. With simple plug and play operation, they are easy to setup and pack away. If you are looking to add some visual flair and increase lighting around your dining areas, look no further than our fancy light bulbs and bell lamps which elegantly hang from the ceiling. Bell lamp shades come in a range of colours and sizes, just let us know your preferred colour and we will make it happen.

Ambient light around key areas such as dance floors and Bridal Backdrop help to set the mood and define key areas of your event, and up lights (Par Cans) and wall wash up lights are just perfect for the job as they can be set to any colour. You could also compliment these lights with festoon lighting, designed to be hung across the room or used outdoors with freestanding poles to create amazing ambience on a budget. For your event lighting needs, Harbourside Decorators have you covered.