Props and Pedestals

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It’s the finishing touches and little details that really count, and with Harbourside Decorators range of Props and Pedestals you’ll be spoiled for choice. From propping up centrepieces and creating elaborate visual displays to sectioning off areas of your event space, we have a range of exciting products available for immediate hire.

Those holding weddings will appreciate the vintage style offered by our antique bicycle, which can be decorated with directional signage and bouquets of flowers to contribute to overall ambience and help guests find their way. You might also like to incorporate props and pedestals such as our white picket fence or white planter box to clearly define the event space and add those all-important finishing touches, without taking away from the white wedding theme.

Props can help to set the mood of your event, and whether you’re looking to create a contemporary or vintage vibe we have something to suit. Add some rustic charm with a selection of vintage books and vintage suitcases, or go for gold with a gold pedestal, gold bollard or gold easle. Highlight the main event space or red carpet by placing bollards with black or red rope around the area.

Looking to have a bit of fun at your event? Check out our “A Hole Lotta Love” donut wall! It has 63 pegs waiting to be filled up with delicious donuts, and with each peg holding 3 donuts there will be plenty to go around.

We also offer outdoor gas heaters to help keep your guests warm and cosy during the cooler months. Harbourside Decorators are the Sydney props and pedestals hire specialists. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about our range.